Experience, competence, skill

Verbano Velluti company was founded more than 40 years ago by Ezio Botto and Sergio Brambilla.
Verbano Velluti became Verbano Velluti srl, property of Botto's family.

The experience, the competence and the skill they have developed in other important woolen mills made the company become the leader in the production of velvet, strictly made in Italy.


We produce high quality velvets for armchairs, sofas, and chairs, as well as curtains and a whole range of furnishing accessories, such as cushions, footstools, Sacco armchairs, and lots more.


We produce velvets for outerwear and clothing for both men and women.

Public Works

We produce velvets made out of fireproof fibre for use in theatres, hotels, cinemas, clubs, and anywhere else that might require velvet that does not catch fire.

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