azienda verbano velluti
Verbano Velluti company was founded more than 30 years ago by Ezio Botto and Sergio Bramilla, the current co-owners.
The experience, the competence and the skill they have developed in other important woolen mills made the company become the leader in the production of velvet, strictly made in Italy.
The company production takes place according to the most modern techniques: starting from an excellent raw material we obtain a high quality velvet with the best features, with all the manufacturing (preparation, weaving, finishing and quality testing) carried out in the factory of Dormelletto (Novara), Italy.
The possible uses of the produced velvets range from furnishings to clothing:
  • Velvets for chairs, sofas, armchairs (in cotton, wool, linen and dralon)
  • Velvets for cinemas, theatres, hotels, buses (fireproof fibers)
  • Velvets for clothing (cotton 100%)